Identical questions should demand the same answers regardless of who is asking and who is asked - just as identical cases should lead to similar conclusions.

The decision processes that customers and case workers are confronted with eg. in public case processing  or when dealing with insurance claims can often be complex and difficult to understand.

Frequently clients are left in doubt whether the decisions are really correct – and if you are uncertain and in doubt then why not try again with another case worker. But no matter whom you ask the conclusion should be the same every time – and it should be the same whether you ask it in Manchester, Birmingham or Central London.

Tachista’s IT-solutions for rule based case management are built on an advanced rule engine which ensures that subject to the same input, the system will always reach the same conclusion, and document the reasoning behind this conclusion – with direct reference to the rules and logic that caused the conclusion to be reached. This ensures optimum transparency and uniformity in your case management.

The rule engine separates rules and business logic from the IT-application layer, providing a simple and well structured graphical user interface for building and maintaining the rules and business logic.

This makes it possible for your product experts to maintain the rules on an ongoing basis – without having to involve IT-experts and programmers.