With Intelligent Navigation your customers will navigate dynamically among the products in your web-shop. Be there 250 or 2,500,000 item numbers – your customers will be guided towards the 2-10 products that are most relevant and interesting for them.

In order to maximize user friendliness and optimize conversion rates you need to make it as easy as possible for your customers to locate the right products in your web-shop – even when they are not exactly sure what they are looking for, what it is called or how it is spelt.

You are probably familiar with the situation:
You want to go for a holiday and would like to book some airline tickets via the internet. You choose a destination, date, time, number of seats, price category etc. – and just when you are almost done the system tells you that there are no tickets available that match your requirements. You are sent back to square one with no further explanation and have to start all over again. You have to try with a new date, a different price category and so forth…

After a few attempts you get annoyed and grab the phone and call the airline’s sales desk – or you try a different airline – so much for self service …

With Tachista’s Intelligent Navigation your customers will never experience a ‘dead end’ – in case of a conflict between the choices made by the customer, the system will immediately explain what is causing the conflict and propose a number of relevant alternatives and guide the customer towards a satisfactory and correct solution.

Tachista Intelligent Navigation can be implemented on most standard platforms.
It introduces only small modifications to your existing web-shop and supports all ordinary web-browsers.