Well proven tools and methodologies for process optimization and quality management within manufacturing eg. Lean, Mass Customization and Product Configuration are increasingly used by companies in other sectors in order to obtain significant improvements in the value creating processes.

How do we start ?
In a workshop we look at the principles behind product modeling and configuration and apply the concepts to your reality. Based on a brief analysis of your company’s products, your sales, service and delivery processes we identify a number of relevant focus areas and compile a project definition sketch.

You will gain an insight into the concepts concerning product configuration and you will be able to understand the impact a configuration solution could have on your business.

How do we move on ?
We analyse and describe the possibilities a leading edge configuration solution is likely to introduce to your business. This analysis will result in a report with three focus areas:
  • Organisation and processes
    Through a process analysis we move closer to your existing organization. We analyse your sales and delivery processes and evaluate the potential in implementing a configuration solution.
    General speaking more than 80% of the costs involved in delivering a certain product to a customer are allocated by your sales personnel in the first meeting with the customer. Good management of the sales and proposal process really pays off.

  • Products
    We analyse your product and service portfolio and evaluate the practical implications of introducing modularization and product configuration. Most companies realize that more than 80% of their product variants have been introduced not as a result of customer demand - but rather because of lack of transparency in the product portfolio and insufficient control in sales and product development. Innovation and ingenuity in the sales process can be exciting but often result in high costs.

  • Systems
    A new configuration solution should probably be integrated with some of your existing IT-systems. Customer data is residing in a CRM system while relevant product information can be found in the ERP system or in product databases etc. We analyse your existing systems structure and estimate the necessary systems integration.
How do we implement ?
Many companies have developed their own proprietary sales and customer solutions from scratch and have subsequently realized just how demanding these solutions are to manage and maintain. There are a number of good reasons to choose one of the standardised solutions Tachista offers:
  • Programming and implementation
  • Test and documentatio
  • Project management
  • Ongoing maintenance

Tachista’s consultants combine numerous years of practical experience within:
  • Business development
  • Sales management
  • Project management
  • IT-development and production

Tachista’s IT-solutions can be implemented on most standard platforms and we have experience with a broad spectrum of technologies – among others:
  • CICS, Cobol, DB/2 ...
  • IIS, .Net, C# ...
  • Apache, PhP, MySQL ...