We have helped leading players in the insurance industry implement advanced sales support solutions and intelligent claims management solutions that help case workers and customers handling complex case processes.

By using simple and well proven methods from sales configuration and mass customization your sales personnel and customers can assemble customized products from predefined standard components. This is a very efficient means to obtain a significant and lasting effect on both bottom line and customer satisfaction.

One of the insurance companies we have worked with estimate that they have moved from a situation where 80-90% of their policies for large commercial clients were customized policies to a situation where the customized policies account for less than 10%. The remaining policies are now mass customized - ie. the policies are assembled using standardized and predefined components.

Think about what this has done to their costs – and their customers believe that they now have even more freedom in putting together tailor made insurance policies matching their specific situation and requirements.

Core Concepts:

STO - Ship to Order
Standard products with little variation. The purpose of the configurator is to translate the individual needs of a customer into product specifications and to match these to a standard product.

ATO: Assemble to Order
Configurable products and services that can be assembled from standard components. The configurator’s job is to put together the right combination of components and to configure these according to the customer’s requirements.

ETO: Engineer to Order
Configurable products consisting of a combination of standard components and parts specially developed for this individual order. The configurator’s job is to assemble and configure the right combination of standard components and to support in specifying the necessary special parts.