The focus of Tachista’s IT-solutions is to guide customers and sales personnel through the process of reaching a correct and complete order for a product or service, that will provide for all the customer’s needs.
  • The order must be complete ie. all information necessary in order for the company to deliver the product or service is present.
  • The order must be correct ie. the order specifies a product or service that the company wishes to deliver on the terms agreed.

The finished order can specify a physical product eg. a holiday home or a cement factory just as it can describe a service offering such as an insurance policy or a service level agreement. In reality the outcome of the decision process could also be the result of a case process such as the conclusion of a mortgage application or an insurance claim.

The essence is that based on the same input, the IT-system will always reach the same correct conclusion – based on the business rules, legal paragraphs or product data that has been implemented in the system.

Use our experiences within IT-based configuration systems, dynamic rule engines and intelligent search to gain significant and lasting improvements in your business - Improvements that can be measured on both bottom line and customer satisfaction.

STO - Ship to Order
Standard products with little variation. The purpose of the configurator is to translate the individual needs of a customer into product specifications and to match these to a standard product.

ATO: Assemble to Order
Configurable products and services that can be assembled from standard components. The configurator’s job is to put together the right combination of components and to configure these according to the customer’s requirements.

ETO: Engineer to Order
Configurable products consisting of a combination of standard components and parts specially developed for this individual order. The configurator’s job is to assemble and configure the right combination of standard components and to support in specifying the necessary special parts.