The focus of the IT-solutions that Tachista develop is to help your customers, partners and employees navigate through complex decision processes – ie. sales situations or case processing or various self service processes.

This is done by supporting and supplementing
in house product experts and case workers, who are often a limited resource, with advanced IT-based decision support systems.

The purpose is to reduce the number of errors, minimize process cycles and free resources from trivial cases to more complex areas that require individual evaluation and manual case processing.

EasyForm is a leading edge solution for anyone who needs rapid deployment of advanced self service solutions on the internet. You develop the business logic in the Business Modeller and EasyForm generates a Web-application ready for deployment.

EasyForm for Government Agencies is a version of EasyForm especially designed for government agencies making it easy for you to deploy your own self service solutions on portals like or

ProductFinder is an advanced technology solution available for webshop developers. ProductFinder makes it easy for you to guide customers in your webshop to the right products and services among numerous alternatives. ProductFinder is available as a module for rapid and easy implementation in existing webshops.

Tachista’s consultants combine numerous years of practical experience within:
  • Business development
  • Sales management
  • Project management
  • IT-development and production
Tachista’s IT-solutions can be implemented on most standard platforms and we have experience with a broad spectrum of technologies – among others:
  • CICS, Cobol, DB/2 ...
  • IIS, .Net, C# ...
  • Apache, PhP, MySQL ...